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Design development
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Design development
Site design development includes:
Detailed business analytics

We are analyzing your business sphere, particular qualities of your services and goods, the competitive environment.

Prototype development

We are making a template of the future website. We are checking if it corresponds to the company’s requirements. We are making corrections if it is needed.

Bringing a project to life

We are creating a comfortable and unique site design. We are picking all the possible variants according to the customer’s taste.

Site design development: a template or an exclusive design

It may sound a bit strange, but the researchers say that a human need only a few seconds to form a first impression. That’s why creating a nice and memorable design is a way to impress rather subconsciously than consciously. You should make it the memorable way, this picture must stay in the user’s mind for a long time. The user should have a pleasant impression, good associations and interesting thoughts.

In fact, you can order two different types of design:

  • A template;
  • Unique design.

The template sites are made rather quickly. In this case, the customer is expecting to see a nice webpage only. Sites like these look rather simple and they have a simple set of functional elements, a simple interface. Such sites are not created for some important goals.

Main web-design goals

The style of the site must be not only aesthetically attractive but also adequate to the functions of the company’s direction. Design development is the development of an idea, a concept, a thought. They all are aimed at a specific goal. As usual, it is:

  • Recognizability;
  • Company’s image building;
  • Goods and services demonstration;
  • Company goals in details.

If the design was crafted really well, then it won’t get old even in 5 years. It is one of the indicators that confirms the expediency of the investment.

Do you know that different colors influence us in different ways? Some of them serve as a call to action, others are designed to create a unique atmosphere, some can propel us, others culm us down. All these things are very important and it is also very important that only the specialist should pick the coloring. This should be a team that understands the modern tendencies, knows what the client wants. What are the goals of the company? What is their main message that they want to communicate to their client through the web design?

Site web design for a successful business on the internet

The target auditory has very different tastes. That’s why it is important for a design to be a bit strained. It should be liked by all the potential clients, not only by several visitors.

When you are making a unique design, you should also remember that too much graphical information can worsen the impression. Sometimes some excessive animation, pictures, video content can distract people from the main information on the page.

As you see, it is a thin line between “maximum” and “minimum”. It is very important to find this “golden mean” to reach your goals. And we know how it is done! What is our secret?

  1. We receive your suggestions and we define the goals.
  2. We analyze your activities and your sphere, your competitor’s resources if it is needed.
  3. We are making a technical task for our specialists.
  4. We are making a prototype.
  5. If there are no comments, we are ready to start the project as soon as it is possible.

It is not enough just to create a design that would be “pretty”. On the other hand, not every company needs some kind of exclusive. However, we always can tell what would be the best solution in your concrete case. Together we can find this thin line and our specialists would express it in the design.

You can order our design with other helpful services. We can express your idea visually and then we can make your resource comfortable and we can adapt it for different gadgets.

For many, the question of the price is the main issue. Well, we can form a price as soon as the goals would be defined quite clear. If you will decide some other services, then we can talk about a discount.

No one can tell how much the site design development will cost. Still, we are the only one who can offer you not just a graphic “shell” but also the essential element of a successful work. The price that you pay is the price for the development of your business. We will place all the important accents and the site would do the trick!

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