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Landing page

A Landing page or a one-page website is another effective instrument of sales. A distinctive feature of these resources is that the content is picked very carefully and it should encourage the user to make a certain action. Websites like that are good for an advertising campaign as a whole and for promoting some separate goods and services. Our specialists know how to make a landing page that sells!

What tasks landing pages solve
Acquaintance with a company and its goods and services

Landing pages always contain the minimum of information and give only the basic data, introducing the company to the potential buyer and increasing the seller’s reputation.

Increasing the company’s auditory

Landing ends up the conversion. The page is created for the promotion of a product exclusively and it does not contain any other content. Landing turns a visitor into a signed up member helping him to make a final decision.


Decision for a few tasks, assistance in paid promotion

Ideally, landing is created for one task only. The page is promoted in different search engines focusing on a narrow group of requests, using the primary traffic of context, targeted and media advertisement.


How do we create a landing page
Using marketing data

We study your company or product, distinguishing the advantages and formulating the USP. According to the received data, the textual content of the landing page is written.

Developing a design

We’re constructing a heading, developing an easy structure of the page, we use the anchor links, implementing the expressive graphics, thinking over the adequate placement of your logo.

The understandable call to action

We are placing a form for the potential subscribers where they can enter their contacts and setting an action button.

Why it is profitable to work with us
Contact with target groups

We are helping you to understand the buyers, we are creating a landing for active communication with subscribers. We are using landing’s design and structure to create an unobtrusive appeal to get a closer look at a product and make some other actions.

Working for conversion

To increase conversion we are using the AIDA marketing model of the consumer’s behavior.

Tracking the landing page efficiency

We are administrating the page, tracking data, processing the information. We are making changes in order to optimize the page and reach the maximal efficiency.


Business card website development and its significance

Many people nowadays are ordering business card website as an instrument that helps to launch business easy and fast. Firstly, the price of such site is not very high. Secondly, it doesn’t take much time to create a business card website. Thirdly, the efficiency of this site is very high.

A business card website can be useful not only for the companies who came to the market recently. This is also a good opportunity for big and well-known companies. The main peculiarity of such site is that it allows informing the most important things.

A business card website can solve multiple problems at one time but it is more rational to make it for one particular objective or goal.

Mostly people tend to focus on such main topics:

  • A company;
  • Certain goods or services;
  • An event.

A great thing about this site is that a user won’t see any redundant information. It allows us to make a simple visitor motivated, to guide him in a right direction and focus his attention on basic things.

What is really special about business card websites – they must have an individual design. As we know, the visual part is always very important when you want to make a good first impression.

Making a business card website is all about to express the main idea in the most unobtrusive way. Even the most complicated things can be expressed in a most simple way on a business card website.

As we mentioned before, you can offer a business card website for many different purposes. It could be a company’s history, product review or a service description. But except informative function this site also has another important task – to give a potential client a contact information. In the end, the business card website should motivate a person to make an action.

Creating a business card website for you

Today we offer our clients not just web-projects of a good quality, but real internet marketing strategies. We are able to make a business card website considering all the client’s ideas and wishes.

Here are the “three whales” upon which the whole concept is built:

  1. We are analyzing your company, studying your professional sphere and your competitors.
  2. We are creating a bright and memorable design that doesn’t distract the user from the information but it helps to create a good impression on any visitor.
  3. We are formulating a call to action for your visitors that is corresponding to the goals defined by the client.

We’re offering you a business card website at an affordable price, which will be paid off really quickly. Our marketing solutions afford us not only to present a company, product or service in a special way but also to enhance your target groups. And this is the fastest way to the financial growth.

We are ready to create a business card site in shortest terms so you won’t lose a single day and a single possibility to earn some money. Together we’re forming a technical task for our specialists that allows us to make a high-quality product in the shortest time.

Business card website price

The business card website price can be defined only after you talk to our specialists. Everything depends on the purposes you want it to fulfill. How many pages the site must be? What tuning do you need? How complicated your design will be?

We’re creating a resource that will be not only interesting but also it will be the one that will increase the trust to your company and your product. A site like this is a great opportunity to form a positive image of the company even if it is still not very famous. For a company that already has a long history – it is a great chance to remind about themselves, to attract their client’s attention by something new and interesting.

Business card website is always very comfortable to use because the text and the visual information are submitted in small blocks. Do not be afraid, your client will not be tired of a site like this. And be sure, that you will be pleased to read your site by yourself too!

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