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VKontakte group promotion includes:
Target auditory analysis

We’re studying the clients base, analyzing the company’s target auditory and the competitor’s.

Group management

We’re creating a group and filling it with good and actual content. We are adding interesting texts, videos and photos that are oriented on the target auditory.

Increasing popularity

We are targeting the number of signed up members and their reactions. Optimizing the group image and content to increase the group’s memorability.

VKontakte group promotion

If the number of your site users does not grow, you shouldn’t be sad. A well-crafted group in VKontakte and its promotion – it is a good opportunity to increase your target auditory.

You may seem that promotion and optimization of VKontakte group are the processes you can avoid. There are many other social networks where the auditory may be much more interested in your company and your product.

But do you know how many people attend this social network today? There are 50 million visits a day! It is the most rapidly growing social network in CIS. Well, those facts speak for themselves.

VKontakte group promotion will help you to intensify your business, accelerate the company’s growth. It is needed not only to increase the number of users, but also to make your target auditory loyal to the:

  • company;
  • product;
  • service.

VKontakte promotion allows you to get one more advantage that is important in the internet marketing – the traffic. The increase of this resource can influence your income directly.

Among the many marketing methods, the VKontakte promotion is one of the most important, inalienable elements of making business on the internet. It is not enough to create a page or a group on the social network. It should be progressing and the number of users should grow.

Nowadays, the VKontakte group promotion happens according to the “domino principle”. If you do your best in promoting the group then it will start growing by itself in some closest time.

There are quite a lot of variants for VKontakte group promotion. Among the most effective methods, we should mention these:

  • integration with other resources;
  • Cooperation with other groups
  • SMM Vkontakte;
  • Targeted ads VKontakte;
  • VKontakte group promotion with the help of “events” and “happenings&rdquo.

Branding through the applications is one of the most popular methods. Your users will recognize your brand while using different games, programs and services VKontakte.

Everything depends on the specialist’s approach to the question of company’s popularization through the social networks. Without any doubt, there can be many goals of promotion and you should always choose a method that is adequate to the goals that were set. You can’t neglect the specifics of the product, the business or the service.

VKontakte group promotion for your business development

More than 12 million groups already exist. They all are focused on different subjects, topics and the activity of users is different too. Of course, every company faces a serious competition.

In such a dynamic environment, it is almost impossible to do it without specialists with a proper qualification.

We make a complex promotion in VKontakte and in other social networks.


If you already decided to order the VKontakte group promotion you are about to get the next advantages for your company:

  • Traffic increase;
  • Sales promotion;
  • The popularization of your brand, product or service;
  • Target auditory increase.

We can define the main goals of VKontakte group promotion during the meeting.

Our specialists will offer you the most optimal project. It would be advantageous on the assumption of expenses, time and labor. The price would be acceptable for you too.

The VKontakte group promotion depends on the content a lot. The things work properly when the text, the photos and the videos are picked properly. We will analyze:

  • Your target auditory;
  • Your competitor’s target auditory;
  • Auditory of the related groups.

We will find out what your user is interested in. Your present user and your potential user. Our specialists will be filling the groups with interesting and bright content. The right amount of content at the right time would do the trick. We know the secrets of VKontakte groups promotion!

People say that any methods are good when you are going for a first place. However, why should we spend time for “any” methods if you can follow the success purposefully? We offer solutions for your business that will be embodied in your business results!

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