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Site promotion in Odnoklasniki social network
Detailed analytics

We study all the needed information about a company, its services, consumers and competitors.

Attendance management

We are increasing the user’s interest in site content, enhancing popularity and recognizability among the clients. Promoting the company’s brand.

Increasing the efficiency

We are making a product or a service more sellable. Expanding the circle of potential and real clients. Tracking the users’ feedbacks.

Who is interested in advertisement in Odnoklassniki

The major advantage of an Odnoklassniki social network is the auditory. Mostly it consists of working people whose average age is above 27. They are prosperous, ambitious people who had some life achievements. It is wrong to miss the opportunity to present your company or your offer to an auditory like this!

More than 40 million people are the members of this social network. Quite soon, there will be 50, 60 and later even 100 million people. It would be strange if no one would like to promote his company having such a considerable market segment. You have all the chances to attract the potential clients with the help of Odnoklassniki group promotion.

The statistics speaks for itself. Do you know that according to the research results, more than 80% of users visit their social network page at least two times a day? Isn’t it the good time to show them your group’s advertisement in Odnoklassniki? Use this time effectively!

Targeted advertisement in Odnoklassniki

Targeting is known as one of the most effective mechanisms of advertisement management for some years so far. Its idea is that you can pick out the people who would be interested in your offer. This selection would match the criteria that you would set.

The idea of targeting is to show the ads to the certain people. Here are the parameters that can be set when you use this tool:

  1. Where your clients live?
  2. How old are they?
  3. What are their interests?
  4. What is their gender?

The advertisement on Odnoklassniki would be targeted on a particular segment of the auditory. Targeted on the results. The most accurate hit in the bull’s eye!

This tool makes the company’s work much easier. And it is much easier to plan the budget. There are no more reasons to spend money on ineffective methods. You can forget about “maybe” and “suddenly”. Only clear expectations and results.

Those who decided to make it by himself should know that only specialists could know “what”, “when” and “where” to show to the users. Analytical data and experience are the basic components that are essential when you are tuning the advertisement in Odnoklassniki. Otherwise, all your efforts can be in vain.

The unobtrusive ad will give much more result then the splashy and annoying banner. Context advertisement in Odnoklassniki must be shown in a special way so the user would be interested. This is the case when the importance of a specialist can’t be underestimated.

Advertisement in Odnoklassniki groups for your business

You can plan your expenses and predict your benefits if you will entrust us your advertisement in Odnoklasniki. Our specialists will offer you an effective decision and will make a preliminary analysis of your activities.

For those who still think that you shouldn’t use the advertisement in Odnoklasniki, there is one more good reason to change his mind. The average VKontakte user spends twice more time on a site than an average Odnoklasniki user.

Therefore, if the advertisement was not too effective on Facebook or on VKontakte, then you always have an opportunity to find potential clients among Odnoklasniki users.

What the Odnoklasniki advertisement gives? The many positive results can be achieved:

  • Increase the website attendance;
  • Extend the number of potential clients;
  • Motivate the user to buy;
  • Shape the loyalty to the company and its offer;
  • Make a company more recognizable.

The marketing instrument like Odnoklasniki group promotion allows getting a feedback. Communication with users helps to identify the new needs of the market. In its turn, it is the best way to the strong competitive offer.

Company promotion through Odnoklasniki would be successful if the content would be interesting and the offer would be adequate to the expectations of the auditory. We will help your company to take a higher position on the market with the help of promotion in Odnoklasniki. Success is not as expensive as you may seem at the very beginning. Contact us and you will be able to get the solutions that will be working for you!

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