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Company promotion through Google+
Target group analysis

We’re pointing out the main sector of the target auditory on which the company’s activities are aimed at. Finding out, what information is more interesting for the target auditory.

Brand management

We’re increasing the brand’s popularity and recognizability, increasing company’s reputation and image. Shaping auditoria’s loyalty to the brand.

Subscriber’s activities control

We are tracking the user’s reactions and improving the feedback. Localizing the problems with passive users’ oversaturation.

Peculiarities of Google Plus promotion

In the USA Google+ is popular among the majority of local residents. This Google+ boom happened for obvious reasons.

Firstly, you can reach the account from any personal gadget that has an Internet connection. Secondly, Google+ has unique instruments that none of other social networks has. Thirdly, all the innovative Google services are bounded with your Google+ account. Including one of the most popular postal services.

Here are the “three whales” on which the Google+ is built:

  • Circles;
  • Sparks;
  • Hangouts.

Circles is a service element that allows you to set the displayed content for different target auditory. You can communicate with different circles of people from one account, for example:

  • Business partners;
  • Family;
  • Friends;
  • Colleagues.

Your colleagues would see one type of information and your business partners would see the other type. This is like an apartment with different rooms. An instrument like this can be used for promotion in Google+ if you will entrust this job to the specialist. You have a real opportunity to form either a company brand or a brand of personality.

Sparks allows you to build a communication between the people that are interested in the same subjects. This is the field where the company can extend the circles of potential clients.

You can conduct the videoconferences with the help of Hangouts service. It is very comfortable mostly for business purposes. It is one more channel for communication with you partners and clients.

To make the portal more “alive” the “+1” rating scale was developed, it can be compared to Facebook “likes”. It allows you to get the feedbacks from the auditory. You will understand rather quickly, how attractive your offer is.

One of the main reasons why Google+ promotion became so popular is an opportunity to create the company account. This is the place where all the information about a company can be located: contacts, products and services description.

Google+ for business

It is very comfortable to set communications through a service like this. This is one more reason to create and to promote the company’s account. You should understand that this niche has been exploited for a long time by now. Your competitors are not wasting their time, using all the available mechanisms to become the first on the web.

Today Google+ is widely used not even to increase the sales but to create a brand image and to increase the company’s popularity. Make a perfect reputation for your company. And quite soon you would be able to make it without any additional instruments because your brand would be promoting itself.

All the benefits of the service are evident. However, how can we win in this “race for the first place”? If your company’s promotion in Google+ network would be entrusted to the specialists – the result will come soon.

Google+ instruments in the hands of the professionals

Our company is conducting a successful activity in the internet-marketing sphere. In the past several years, Google+ became an effective instrument of company promotion on the internet, its services and goods. With a service like that, we can make your business work “with renewed vigor”.

Our team can offer you an effective strategy of promotion in Google+. It can be aimed at the following goals:

  • Formation of auditoria’s loyalty to the brand;
  • Attracting new users;
  • Stimulating the user’s activity and motivation of the target auditory;
  • Feedbacks.

Google+ promotion invariably leads to the company’s popularity. This service also can be used for SEO-promotion. You can easily increase the linking mass. Your offer will occupy higher positions among the results of the search requests in the World Wide Web.

We can evaluate the efficiency, predict the results of the company’s promotion in Google+. You will get an opportunity to expand the circle of potential clients. This is the straight road to the increase of sales and successful business growth.

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