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Site promotion with the help of Facebook group:
Target group analysis

Studying all the basic information about the company and its competitors on the market. We will find out what information is the most interesting and useful for the target auditory.

Group promotion

We are making interesting posts that correspond to the user’s suggestions and contain articles, photo and video content.

Work with signed up members

Work with signed up members

We are analyzing the member’s feedbacks to the provided content. Stimulating the user’s activity in the group.

Facebook group promotion

You could have perceived social networks as an additional channel of company promotion some years ago. Nowadays it is an obligatory stage of promotion for a company that makes business on a World Wide Web.

One of the goals of Facebook promotion is to make the company more recognizable, more famous, to create a “brand portrait”. Facebook promotion is becoming more and more popular even among the companies that do not make their business on the internet.

The Facebook promotion may be directed not only at the company but also at the:

  • product;
  • service;
  • company’s head.

Creating a personality brand (for example a company’s head) also usually involves an effective Facebook promotion. Today it is not only a way to introduce yourself but also a way to remind about your company, a way to increase loyalty to your brand or service.

Facebook users – who are they? They are men and women, active workers, company owners, people that are interested in everything new and peculiar. People who want to keep up with the times. But the most important thing is that those people have money. They have needs and you can satisfy them.

Facebook advertisement is a quite important tool that will help you to reach many goals like:

  • Attract auditory;
  • Shape the brand;
  • Increase site conversion;
  • Become more recognizable;
  • Get the feedback.

You can promote a Facebook group to make your company “more alive” for the consumers. Social networks allow to “shorten the distance” between the company and the client. And believe us, the distance is always there.

Our clients are not necessarily companies that want to create a group and start a Facebook promotion. Some of the companies already have one or several pages or groups.

Company’s business is developing all the time and the Facebook promotion goals also change. Today we need to make our brand more recognizable and tomorrow you would be interested in increasing the level of income.

In other words, there is always a reason to make a Facebook promotion of any kind. However, the other thing is more important. Who would be doing it and how he would be doing it. Because efficiency depends directly on the performer. The person who picks the instruments and methods that will help to reach the goals that were set before. In this case, you won’t do it without a team of professionals.

Facebook promotion and benefits for your business

The effective development can be reached only when it is happening in all directions. Facebook advertisement is one of those key directions. We are defining the client’s needs and realizing projects with a great responsibility for what we do. We are planning our work according to the next scenario:

  • Acquaintance, defining goals of Facebook group promotion;
  • Analyzing the company’s sphere, it’s product, service;
  • Analyzing the competitors, related areas;
  • Making a plan for Facebook groups promotion;
  • Predicting the results, the expenses, the benefits;
  • Realization.

Group analysis

If you already have a group, we can conduct the analytical work. It will give us a possibility to see the real state of things, to understand the efficiency rate of your page. You will see the weak sides and we will turn them into advantages or will eliminate them.

Even if you are not really interested in increasing the recognition rate, the target auditory and you are not going to focus on the profits, you can always order Facebook group promotion for the purpose that is not less important – feedbacks. Social network users want to communicate, your clients want to learn more about you, they want to get the answers for questions they have. Or just to get a feedback. Your clients are living people and you should remember about it!

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