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Display advertising

This kind of internet advertising is used to form a stable association between the good/service and a certain brand. Display advertising creates the company’s image and effects on its recognition. Our specialist develops every separate detail and develops an effective advertising campaign.

What tasks are solved with the help of display advertising
All day effects

Unlike the text advertisement, display advertising contains more useful information. The TV advertisements are not regular and it depends a lot on the airtime.  Display advertising has none of these disadvantages.

Target aiming

It is demonstrated on the most relevant media platforms. Attracts only target auditory.


Data analysis

You can manage web-advertisement within the particular region. Target placement of advertising campaigns can be tracked in real time online.

How do we do our job
Picking a strategy

We develop unique and creative digital strategies, promotion is aimed at a certain target auditory in every business segment.

Efficiency evaluation

We are tracking the influences of the instruments on traffic growth and an increase in sales through other sources (search engines, context). Analyzing the influence of display advertising on the indicators that should be boosted.

Advertising channels tuning

We analyze the efficiency of display promotion, calculating the extent of influence on selling. We build a single digital strategy of brand promotion in online and offline channels.

Why it is profitable to work with us
Complex approach

We apply the complex approach to every project. Everything starts from thorough strategy planning and ends with its realization. Only a strategic approach and adequate instruments make it possible to reach the goals placed by our clients.

Our own strategy and instruments kit

When you want business to be profitable, you always need an efficient advertisement. It is not enough to create a banner or a video. You need a complex approach that makes possible to do both: to promote and to observe the efficiency indicators of advertisement. To reach these goals we are applying all the modern instruments that can be found on the web.

Only “white” methods

In promotion and cranking, we use only “white” methods. The client has an opportunity to track the budget expenditures and get all the information about every stage of an advertisement campaign. There is no hidden commissions and inaccuracies in the contract. Our clients pay for the result only!

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