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Context advertisement
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Context advertisement

The main peculiarity of this kind of advertisement is that it corresponds to the client’s search requests. The context advertisement is a key to the higher results because it is aimed at potential clients who are already focused on a certain good or service. This kind of advertisement gives an instantaneous result.

Objectives our context advertisement is aimed at
Sail growth of the company’s goods/services

Search advertisement solves this problem being the most effective way of promotion, which introduces the products/company to the user. Also, popularizes and sells them.


Advertising campaign outcomes prediction

Context advertisement rates the results before the end of the advertisement campaign. It counts the amount of web page visitors and addresses the information to those who belong to the target auditory.

Increasing the traffic

The site will bring more profit when the potential visitors are frequently looking through it. Context advertisement increases the number of views.

Good/service/company branding

The special strategies are created and the settings are made to help to sell the products of just to remind the buyer about it.

Optimization of investments, benefits increase

Keen usage of context advertisement solves the current objectives, spreading the budget rationally. As a result – the advertiser’s profit is increasing.

Our methods of context advertisement
Developing the advertisement campaign

Developing the advertisement campaign: giving a name, choosing the optimal time to launch the project, making geotargeting, setting the parameters of the budget.

Picking the keywords, making the advertisement announcement

Making a list of keywords for advertisement announcement in a search engine, deleting the minus-words, making the text of the announcement.

Making stakes on keywords, discarding the account in the system, launching the campaign

We are studying the forecasts for the platforms and choosing special placement options for searchable ads according to the keywords, making optimal stacks for announcements so you can get to the advantageous positions of the search. We discard the account and launch the context advertisement, providing its assessment and optimization.

You’re winning when you’re working with us
The full scale of services

We provide our customer with a full scale of search advertisement services, provide the significant positions in web searchers, we guarantee the quick results.

Development of the context advertisement stages of production

We’re analyzing the internet market, creating a media plan for an advertisement campaign, picking the right keywords and creating the optimal advertising message, placing it in search engine systems and on sites, making a marketing analysis of the campaign, making it’s monitoring, optimizing the expenses. We are making a detailed report and preparing recommendations for a client.

Saving time and money, working operatively

We are decreasing the price of click with the help of accurate settings, sifting the undesignated buyers, launching and managing the advertising campaign really quickly, we are controlling the expenses and keeping records on every client, providing a client with understandable statistics.

Context advertisement for a website

Nowadays many people know that the context advertisement is the accurate hit in a bull’s eye. If fact, it is really like this. Context advertisement for a site affords to get a quick feedback.

It is displayed only for those users who really need it. This mechanism is really simple, to tell the truth. The search engines receive requests from the internet users. Then the browser shows the context block only to the users who really need that information. The system tracks the user’s interests and forms personally oriented ads for a certain user.

For example, musical instruments, concerts and other services would be offered to a musician. The tourist would see a context advertisement with equipment in his browser.

When a user clicks on a context advertisement, he goes to the website page. Thus, your resource would be visited only by motivated users, those, who are really interested in your goods or services.

The modern context advertisement is very comfortable to use because it is very easy to change. With its help you can:

  • Receive feedbacks;
  • Rate the efficiency of promotion.

If the context advertisement works not the way it was expected, it can be changed easily. That’s where you will experience real advantages of your choice. For example, if you order a billboard and some mistake was made, it would be very expensive to make changes. Therefore, in this case, the price of context advertisement is quite justified.

As any other internet marketing instrument, context advertisement must perform a number of objectives. Still, there are only two most important:

  • Increase of sales;
  • Attracting clients.

An average user is concentrated on the internet advertisement just for a few seconds. Therefore, it is very important that context advertisement should intrigue him. That’s why those info blocks look very compact. In this case, many things depend on the art of displaying and the content of the message.

Content advertisement services.

The main feature of the context advertisement is an accurate correspondence to the request. The context advertisement is widely used in Ukraine. The tendency is caused by the fast outcomes for a user and a company that offers products or services.

Since the same goods can be promoted by several companies at the same time, it is very important for your context advertisement to get to the TOPs of search in Kiev. In this case, only a team of specialists can guarantee the result.

We know not only all the peculiarities, actual methods of promotion but also we are developing the exclusive solutions for your company. This individual advertisement campaign would be formed according to your requests.

With us, you will be able to:

  • Plan your budget neatly;
  • Predict the benefits from the advertisement campaign;
  • Increase traffic;
  • Get the feedbacks from the specialists;
  • Increase the growth of income.

The price of services

The context advertisement price depends on many different factors. How many products and services do you want to promote? What is your offer for the market? How many users are you expecting to see as your clients?

Context advertisement can be offered not only as a single service but also as a part of a bigger package of services. We analyze your company’s work and situation according to the promotion of analogical products and services on the internet.

The context advertisement is a way to pay for a real result. It helps to sift the undesignated buyers and eliminate the unnecessary expenses.

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