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E-mail marketing
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E-mail marketing

The modern internet-marketing instrument afford to build a communication between the client and the brand. Our specialists will help to establish contacts with potential and regular customers. We are doing our best, so the potential and the regular clients can get the actual and interesting information. E-mail marketing is not the same as spam but rather a real art that requires some serious professional skills.

What objectives can we fulfill with the help of internet marketing?
Stimulating loyalty

E-mail marketing is not a spam. It is far from being an intrusive, annoying mailing you do not expect. E-mail marketing works selectively, only signed up clients who gave a permission can get the e-mails.

Stimulating repetitive sales

If someone is signed up for mailing, it means that this person is interested in it. That’s how the signed up members become the buyers. In this way, e-mail marketing is stimulating repetitive sales and increases the company’s income.

Direct interaction with the target group

About 50% of clients that contact the firm are not ready to make purchases. Thankfully to e-mail marketing, the needed connection maintains and the “e-mail reminder” works until they are ready to make a needed action.

How do we solve those problems?
United marketing

The work with contact base is held on many levels, in addition, we attract the target groups from the social networks and use Gmail context advertisement.


The database audit is held, all the available information about client’s purchases is analyzed. The structure for the most perspective segments and triggers is developed for e-mail marketing.


The regular testing of the key elements of the messages is held in order to increase their efficiency and, consequently, a number of sales. The analysis is carried based on ratio 1/1 (one sent letter to one signed up member).

E-mail mailing management

The unique and creative messages are developed, pagination is held, the ERP systems interaction with the database and Google analytics is tuned.


What are the advantages of working with us?

For the effective realization of products, we use the most popular platforms of the best quality for internet marketing.


We create the brightest and most interesting mails that don’t get lost in the client’s postal boxes. Every idea is worked out to involve as much signed up members, as it is possible. Content and design are tested and analyzed according to the collected data and the optimization is carried out.


The history of client’s behavior is studied - this is the basis for future planning and efficiency evaluation of e-mail communications. Data collection and analysis is happening with the help of various resources. The history of sales, behavior on site and attitude to mailing are taken into consideration.

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