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Our specialists will analyze your website and the instruments involved into the promotion process thoroughly. Based on received data we recommend possible ways of development and improving the work of the web resource.

Gathering statistic data, determining the sources of guests

Web-analytics counts the number of your page attendants and the number of pages viewed, determines the newcomers, and bounds them to the territory of living, considering social and demographic data.

During analysis, direct, searching and advertising traffic are estimated.

Analysis of the attendance and auditory

Statistics spots the popular sectors of the resource, sorts the data about particular and total views, counts the conversion, refusal indicator, shows the way of page attendance.

The number of viewers, who did transactions, and the place they came from are counted.

Defining indexation and technical malfunctions

Statistics makes the list of the indexed pages, excluded documents and fails. We find broken links, 404 errors, website restarts etc.


We analyze logs, receive data about resource attendance and store them on a separate computer. The files for proper conditions of the analytical work are processed. Log-analyzers can work with specialized reports.

Statistic counters

We use the service of data processing (statistic counter), which direct the information to a separate journal. The information is worked on and and given to the client in a clear form. The counters need minimal investments and are quickly installed.

Usability, bench-marketing analysis

Defining the click density, conversion characteristics of the website and the number of target visitors, who made the order. Testing the pages with special tests, conducting the independent audit.

Correct and stable resource activity

Our specialists spot the problems in the resource work and fix them. We watch the level of website access and stability of its work.

Widening the target auditory

Watching the behavior of the visitors gives us possibility to influence the target auditory widening it. We increase the efficiency through analyzing the data of advertisements. We put the definite goals and increase your internet commerce indicators.

Recommendations about improving the working process, investment minimization, income increasing

We involve the marketing channels to analyze the results of the work, develop the recommendations for different sides of website functionality, help maintaining the connection with auditory. The investment division, their minimizing takes place, the popularity of the website and the client’s income increases

Why do we need SEO audit of the website?

Nowadays not only the products and services, but also the internet environment itself is very heterogeneous. Every company presenting its product is unique. That is why there is no universal method of promotion in the internet. SEO analysis is the step you cannot skip.

This process is directed to determining how much is your website and its filling fits the demands of modern searching systems. Considering the fact, that there are many searching systems out there, the result needs to be universal for all of the possible variants.

To make the long story short, SEO audit allows:

  • Defining a problem;
  • Creating an offer of its solution.

This includes both technical component of the resource work and its text part. These are the numbers, the graphics showing the low efficiency of the current promotion system. And the way it can be effective with the recommendations.

After the analysis you will know, how to make your website go along with its suggestions, searching systems’ rules and users’ requests. How to bind a person and a company in the huge internet area?

Why is the complex website audit so important and who should do that?

A step, which is necessary while building a SEO strategy, is SEO audit. Basically, this process allows you to answer the question «why is not your website on the first positions in the searching system results?».

Do your offer a qualitative product or service? Do great specialists work in your company? Do you show efforts to invent the perfect loyalty program for your future and loyal clients? But is the number of the clients and the sales growing? There are certain reasons for that.

The point is, that even with a huge number of the visitors there is no guarantee the number of customers will grow. SEO audit of the website allows to spot:

  • The weak points of the resource;
  • Matching with the requirements of the searching systems;
  • The reason your sales and attendance do not grow.

This work is not to be done by a simple worker, SEO analysis needs to be held by several specialists at once. It is a rather difficult process, which needs both knowledge in the area and experience. There is a bunch of audit methods but not every one of them allows to define the problem and to build a strategy for its solving. This is the reason why the individual approach to investigation of the resource work. We can provide you with it.

What we do as the specialists in the area?

First, we learn your business and the area of your activity. We watch the traffic and attendance of the resource to choose the instruments, which can promote your resource in the proper way.

Second, we analyze not only your target auditory, but also the visitors of your opponents’ websites and resources with limited activity. Thus, we form the so-called portrait of your target auditory. It allows us to see the way of widening your visitor circle. Third, we analyze the text and technical part of your website, the dynamics of its work. We look for the weak points, preventing your income growth.

Our specialists do the complex SEO audit of your website, which helps us get the data for the next promotion step. We do not «rattling off numbers», we give you the information in a clear format including the important moments. You will be aware of the current situation of your website and all of your questions will be answered.

You can order the website audit to gain the following advantages:

  • Increasing the target auditory;
  • Minimizing the investments;
  • Getting recommendations about the website work;
  • Income growth.

You will receive recommendations and learn the way your website used to work before and the way it can work in the nearest future. The correct work of the resource is an important result you can achieve after SEO analyzing the website.

Today, when speaking about the website, most people are curious about the price. Our specialists will give you a fundamental answer about the price of our services in your particular case. You will find out how easy it is to find the solution to the problems with the website promotion.

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