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The name of the company has to be easy to remember, associative, smart and laconic. It is naming, what starts the history of the brand. The professionally created name attracts the attention of the target auditory and increases the loyalty to the brand. We work for the names made by us to fulfill their functions.

What problems it solves
Emphasizing the main idea and uniqueness of the offer

Your activity direction is put into the name. Thus you will make a great impression.

Causing memorable associations

The name is the code, which makes your clients recognize you. It needs to be memorable and cause the interest of the potential customer.

Developing a structure and creating a unique solution

Naming can help you attract new clients.

How we create it
Analyzing the activity area

For creating the name we do a thorough research of your market sector. A successful name distinguishes you from the opponent companies and becomes an important asset.

Working with the target auditory

We create a portrait of a potential consumer and orient on their tastes and preferences.  

Using associative elements

For naming, it is important to have an associative connection with the company’s activity. Depending on the method of regeneration we can divide several types of naming. We choose the one, which suits you the most.

Why us?
We work on creating an original massage

The goal we put is creating not a simple name, but a massage for your clients they can easily reveal.

The choice

Our clients always have the opportunity to choose, as we offer several variants of the naming.

Creative approach

For the name to be memorable, it needs to create a strong impact. The specialists offer an original solution considering this fact.

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