Beauty studio
To create a new AdWords campaign, to increase CTR indicators, to increase the number of the site visitors and the number of offers.
Initial data
Client - Beauty studio.
Working period - 6 months.
Budget - higher than average.
  • Traffic was increased by 10 times
  • The number of calls increased by 7 times
How did we do this?

Services provided:

  • We analyzed the whole niche and major competitors (announcements, display time, USP analyzed);

  • Keywords picked (Prodvigator, KeyKollector, Wordstat);

  • Developing structure for a new campaign (separating the keywords into groups, creating relevant ads);

  • The campaign is built on a frequency principle (high-frequency requests are sent to separate groups (in strict compliance), after this those words are sent to the groups with lower frequency with the help of cross-substraction);

  • Adding expansions, additional links, structured descriptions on the level of whole campaign and every group;

  • Involving everyday automatic rules (changing the click price to -5% in case if the position raised higher than 1,5 the day before, changing a click price to +5%, in case if the position was lower than 4 the day before);

  • Adding scripts (inspection of links validity, stakes correction according to the place and comfort);

  • A/B announcement testing;

  • Testing types of keywords correspondence models;

  • Increasing the traffic relevance, work with the report, search queries.

Beauty studio (1st month):

Traffic was increased by more than 10 times

The number of calls increased by 7 times

CTR for all the campaigns – 4,89%

The average announcement position – 3,2

Beauty studio  (after 3 months of promotion):

traffic increased
the number of calls increased
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