SexyFairy female footwear online shop promotion in the social media
Conduct an advertising campaign in Facebook to attract target subscribers
Initial data
Client - female footwear shop.
Working period - 9 months.
Budget - moderate.
  • Coverage of a Facebook campaign - 123,435
  • Subscribers attracted to the new group - 11,000
How did we do this?

The initial task was quite simple: to create a Facebook page and to fill the albums with photos of company’s products. Client planned to conduct the page himself, while we were making a promotion. We offered to use target advertisements to increase the number of subscribers. The client approved this offer.

The core of the target auditory were women from 25 to 35 years old, so we aimed our campaign at this group.

Before the advertisement campaign, the number of people who have seen the ads was:

As soon as we launched the campaign, the numbers increased dramatically, this is seen on the diagram:

Organic coverage of publications also changed lately:

We were very happy to see the users liking and reposting the content of the page:

You can see on this diagram, how much subscribers we managed to attract with the help of advertisement content.

And what was the growth of the community members number:

As a result: the client is satisfied, subscribers are grateful, and we have exceeded the plan once again because the organic coverage is growing bigger without our help now.

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new subscribers
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