Context advertisement for cosmetology clinic
Increase CTR; Increase the amount of traffic twice;
Increase the number of new clients
Initial data
Client - cosmetology clinic.
Working period - 6 months.
Budget - 6 months.
  • CTR increased by 7 times
  • New clients contacted clinic 4,5 times more
How did we do this?

Services provided:

  • The niche and the competitors were analyzed

  • Key words picked (Prodvigator, KeyKollector, Wordstat);

  • Developing the structure of a new campaign (sorting the keywords into groups, creation of relevant announcements);

  • Campaign is built on an individual principle (high-quality requests are assigned to the separate groups, then added to the groups with lower frequency with the help of cross – subtraction);

  • Adjunction of new extensions, additional links, structured descriptions on the levels of the whole campaign and every group separately;

  • Development of daily automatic rules (changing the click price to -5% in case if the position raised higher than 1,5 the day before, changing a click price to +5%, in case if the position was lower than 4 the day before);

  • Adding scripts (verification of links’ efficiency, stake’s correction according to location and gear);

  • A/B announcement testing;

  • Testing types of key words correspondence models;

  • Traffic relevance enhancement, analyzing the “search request” reports.

Cosmetology clinic (1st month):

CTR enhanced by more than 7 times;

Amount of traffic was increased by 2,5 times;

New clients contacted clinic 4,5 times more.

Cosmetology clinic (after 3 months of promotion):

higher CTR
times more contacts
with new clients
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