Photo gear shop
Reduce the average price of the click, and total expenditures, increase the number of conversions.
Initial data
Client - Photo gear shop.
Working period - 2 months.
Budget - moderate.
  • The number of conversions increased by 38%
  • The average price of a click is reduced by 37%
How did we do this?

Services provided:

  • Analysis of the competitors (announcements, positions, show time, USP);

  • Keywords picked (Prodvigator, KeyKollector, Wordstat);

  • Creating a structure for a new campaign (division of the keywords into groups, creating relevant ads);

  • Campaign was built on principle 1 group – 1 keyword – 3 announcements;

  • Adding expansions, additional links, structured descriptions on the level of the whole campaign and every separate group;

  • Involving everyday automatic rules (changing the click price to -5% in case if the position raised higher than 1,5 the day before, changing a click price to +5%, in case if the position was lower than 4 the day before). Adding scripts (checking the links validity, correction of stakes according to the place and type of gadget), A/B ads testing, testing types of keywords correspondence models. Enhancing traffic relevance, working with a search request report, cross-subtraction on a group level, enhancing the speed of site downloading, making recommendations on site usability according to Google analytic and Yandex Metrix data, adding “title” and “description” meta tags, setting the funnel of purposes in Google Analytics;

  • Enhancing the traffic relevance, working with a search request reports.

Photographic equipment sales (BEFORE):

General expenditures reduced from 5,716 grn. to 3,592 grn. at the traffic rate lowest on 16 clicks;

The average click price reduced from 3,31 grn. to 2,10 grn.;

The number of conversions increased from 13 to 18;

Photographic equipment sales (After):

the growth
of conversions
the average
price of click reduced
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