Bebe comfort children’s wear online shop social network promotion
Create a company page on Facebook and attract targeted subscribers.
Initial data
Client - children’s wear shop.
Working period - 6 months.
Budget - moderate.
  • Coverage of a Facebook campaign - 88,195
  • Subscribers attracted to the new group - 6,949
How did we do this?

Before starting working with the Facebook page, we developed a promotion strategy for a client. Because the company is an international one, the main task was to make it recognizable on a certain territory.

All the products that were offered to the client were for children: toys, baby carriages, furniture, tableware, baby’s dummies, etc. It was not hard to define the target groups according to the specificity of the products. They were young parents and families that are planning to have children. The approximate age was between 20 and 35 years old.

On a Facebook page we were focusing on the company news, interesting facts, entertainment posts, funny and touching videos, useful articles. After this, we started implementing our strategical plan.

Firstly, our team designed the web page. We would have boasted it with a great pleasure, but the confidentiality of our client is on the first place.

Secondly, we made the adjunction of new content. You can see from the screenshot that it was a hard beginning:

But since we are the professionals, we knew that we would move forward quite soon. In some time, we moved from the dead point and you can see our results below:

Look at some of the most popular posts we made:

Besides, the targeted advertisement was used. We know that everyone loves kittens and babies, but the target group should see it all with their own eyes.

The paid ads increased the number of views even more. You can see it on the diagram below.

To consolidate the results, we started conducting the contests for subscribers. The first competition happens on the New Year ’s Eve. The subscribers had to post the photos of their babies in the carnival costumes. The winners received certificates that allowed them to get the products from the client’s shop.

The people were just so excited and there were more creative photos than we expected.

Just look at some of them!

According to the results of the contest, we managed to increase many different indexes:

So far as the first contest was successful, we decided to make a second one. This time it was called “I’m going to be a mom” and the future mothers were sending their photos:

On the day of the contest announcement, we already had many photos.

The results were pretty good:

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new subscribers
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