AgreeMarket horticulture and olericulture online shop promotion in social networks.
Attract potential customers to a new brand with the help of Facebook
Initial data
Client - olericulture and horticulture online shop.
Working period - 7 months.
Budget - limited.
  • The campaign covered an auditory of Facebook 95,534 users
  • Number of users attracted to a new group – 6,904 signed up users
Our objectives

Attract potential customers to a new brand with the help of Facebook:

  1. To increase the number of Facebook page subscribers.

  2. To increase the news coverage.

  3. Get the traffic to the site.

  4. To increase loyalty and recognition of the company.

How did we do this?

Our objectives were: formalize the page, fill it with content, and promote it. The page was developed from scratch. Firstly, we filled it with content and then we launched a targeted advertisement for a page.

According to the theme, it is quite obvious that the site auditory is the people who are interested in horticulture and olericulture. Before we launched the advertisement, the number of people who have seen the publication was:

Looking at the screenshots, we can see that the coverage was not too high, not more than 350 users per one post.

After we started working, the substantial progress was noticeable, the coverage increased quite a lot:

The signed up members started reposting, “liking” and commenting the posts:

On this graphic, we can see that people were interested in publications even without paid advertisement, still, with the help of paid advertisement our company managed to increase this indexes even more.

You can take a closer look at the publications that our target auditory liked the most:

In some time, the graphic of signed up members looked like this:

As a result, a client got what he wanted, the group members received interesting content and the company exceeded its own plan because organic coverage grows even without our intervention now!

users coverage
thousand signed up
members attracted
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